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Four Austin TX Attractions That Are All About Nature

Four Austin TX Attractions That Are All About Nature

Austin may be a big capital city and the live music capital of the world, but there are plenty of areas in the city where you can enjoy nature. This article is going to focus on those natural attractions that you and your family can enjoy. You’ll have your fun in the city, and then you can take some time to step outside the hustle and bustle and enjoy the following four places of interest in ATX.

Beautiful McKinney Falls State Park awaits you and your family. Enjoy all 641 acres, with its hiking and biking trails and so much more. Onion Creek Trail is one of the favorites, and there is also a swimming hole that you can enjoy. Make a day trip of it or bring the tent and camping gear. There are beautiful campsites there according to the reviews.

This next attraction is really neat, too. The Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center is is an absolutely gorgeous nature preserve. There is a 40 foot waterfall there, and you’re not going to believe the scenery. You’re going to be making your way to 24814 Hamilton Pool Road in order to find this natural attraction. Take the guided tour, and prepare to be blown away by beauty.

The next thing you need to do out in nature in Austin is to go tubing. Whether you’re in New Braunfels, Austin or San Marcos, tubing is everything when outdoors. You can make it to one of the many spots where people always go tubing. Or, since you’re new to the area, you can book your excursion with a tour company like ATXcursions or Austin Tubing Trips. Both are listed on a top travel site for tubing adventures.

The Wild Basin Preserve is another natural attraction for you and your family to visit. Located at 805 North Capital of Texas Highway, The Wild Basin Preserve is actually not far from downtown Austin. There are two endangered birds that live there, and they will be very interesting to see. There is a small waterfall to see, and it’s just a nice place to enjoy nature.

All four of these attractions are great for enjoying nature in Austin TX. Prepare for some outdoor adventures with your family as you visit the capital city of the Lonestar State. Maybe you already know what you want to do in terms of city life, and now you are prepared for being out in nature, too.